Basset Hound Blues

At the end of last summer, my buddy Nick and I started recording some of our poems as a sort of music-slam-poetry hybrid called The Starry Dynamo, which you can read about elsewhere on the site. We did the recording with iPhone mics and Garageband, so it was a tad less-than professional; however, we did have one heck of a time doing it. For years, the two of us have embraced the idea that, when it comes to playing music, we do it for ourselves more than anyone else. So whether it’s actually good or not to the average ear is sorta secondary to us. What matters is that we have an absolute blast together. Thus, last night at three in the morning Nick and I threw together all of the pieces for our latest track, Basset Hound Blues. There was no objective in writing it; no grand message or metaphor. We did it because we had been listening to lots of Rocky Raccoon by The Beatles and wanted something to do. So, when you listen to it, I hope you recognize the fun we’re having as we scream at an iPhone mic in the wee hours of the morning, full-heartedly enjoying the thrill of creating.


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