Other Projects

There’s lots of stuff that I want to do. Here are some failed/ongoing/past attempts. Ideas are cheap.

STARMAN Novel I am currently about 100 pages into writing this adult thriller. I’ve got a long way to go and am not going to give away any details, so for now just know that it is about this astronaut and some stuff happens to him.

Square Neck T-Shirts If you know me in any capacity, chances are you’ve heard about this epic project. Spring 2012, for my 16th birthday I asked for a sewing machine. Inspired by a mink speaking to me in a dream, I IMG_4872.jpgrealized that shirts with a square neck line were the future. From my
immensely talented grandmother I learned the ancient art of the seamstress (seamster?) and drew up designs for my shirt. Recruited Nick as always, and after dozens of failed prototypes, went into business anyways. Sold over a dozen shirts before I giving up because it took me six hours to sew each shirt we were selling for $15. Not to mention they looked iffy. The perfect square neck design has always eluded us. In the interim since The Square Neck fiasco, I believe some shirts that are essentially my vision have surfaced in some European outfitters. Nonetheless, my hunt for the perfect design remains in progress.

Chino Burritos I have a small safe that I keep under my bed. In it are a number of important things: my cash savings, a photograph of my deceased dog, my account passwords, and the recipe to the Chino Burrito. In the winter of 2013, I had recently won a small quantity of Rainbow Foods gift cards, coinciding with a comment from Nick one day as we waited in line at Chipotle, a line which stretched across to the entrance of the Chinese place next door. Bam. The idea was born. A burrito, but instead of filling it with traditional Mexican cuisine, we would stuff it with Chinese food. Risky? Yes. But could it be done? Only one way to find out. Nick and I assembled a small team (S/O to Luke Elias for killing that fried rice) and hit the grocery store armed with my gift cards. Over the course of several weeks we made return trips, trying a myriad of food combinations until, one fateful evening, we struck gold. The ten people seated around my dinner table erupted in a roar of glee, their mouths dripping with saliva. We recorded every step of that recipe. Following the breakthrough, we took to Craigslist to find a used food truck. But then we remembered that we were in high school and wouldn’t have time to catch the workforce lunch breaks (also food trucks are crazy expensive). Thus, until the day we finally launch our Kickstarter and get the ball rolling, the recipe remains safely beneath my bed.

Zombie Podcast The actual execution of this project wasn’t much to talk about (in terms of actual progress). However I spent way too much time preparing for it so I’m including this one on here. So, I had this whole story concept for a colony in the Post-Apocalyptic world where adults had been completely wiped out. Kids rule the land (when they become adults they go zombie) and our tale centers around a field colony and it’s leader, along with the colony’s scientist who narrates the story (taking heavily from Sherlock Holmes). The podcast would basically be an audio play centering around the adventures of these two as they battles zombies and raced for a cure. I wrote out some huge scripts for these episodes, however the whole thing came crashing down in 2013 when I attempted to record. Along with my typical gang of fantastic human beings, I attempted to convert my basement into a little studio and recreated sound effects with random equipment. Unfortunately, the sound quality was never there. Truthfully, neither was the script. Or the actors. Or the whole concept I guess, but hey the whole incident led to a number of great inside jokes with my friends so no regrets.

Concura This idea truly warrants an entire website devoted to it. It is probably the greatest undertaking I have ever attempted. This, my friends, is the novel of Nick Furlong and Noah Omdal. A 60,000 word epic that was intended to be the first of a trilogy. It was conceived in 2006, and toyed with for years until finally, in 2010, pen was put to paper. Following, for years we edited away, getting in contact with the coolest local science fiction author in existence, Jessica McDowell, and eventually her own editor, James Ohler. The book was tinkered with up until 2012 when we decided on a huge plot/perspective overhaul and ran out of steam shortly thereafter. The content of the book was demoted a couple years ago from TOP SECRET to MODERATELY CONFIDENTIAL so only about a dozen or so people really know what it’s all about. Will the book ever get finished editing? Hard to say. Hard. To. Say.

The Lyceum Magazine This project was a fairly low-key one compared to some of the others. In fact I don’t really feel like getting into it. But here’s what you need to know: it was a magazine concept by myself and Kyle G. Binder for a culture magazine (primarily online) that expressed opinions about a number of things we were passionate about. Got deep into development stages with a good amount of content generated for first issue, but lost steam in late 2013.

Dagels Okay this wasn’t a real project. Nor was it even that good. But, for whatever reason, I’ve always been a fan. So I was inspired by the Cronut in 2013, and decided to make my own combination creation: the donut-bagel, the dagel. Basically I made some bagels and battered them up to fry IMG_4677.jpglike a donut. However, in my foolishness, I mistook powdered sugar for flower and my batter sorta failed. Working with Nick, I proceeded nonetheless. We tried to boil some oil (as any cooking experts, or just educated people know, this is a stupid idea), and right as things were getting moving, dumped a sugar-battered bagel into the mix. And bam. Huge mess, mom lost her wits, burning-hot oil everywhere. Needless to say, this recipe does not find itself cozying up next to the Chino Burrito one in my safe. But hey, it was a good memory.

FriendKeep App As a number of my friends know, I am a meticulous logger of events and interactions. This is one of my current things I’m working on (learning a thing or two about Xcode and Swift in an attempt to catch up to where my little bro was a year ago), and it will basically be an app that allows you to efficiently log your interactions with the people you care about and remind you when it has been too long since you last saw / talked to someone. Relationships are all about making the effort. Maybe this can help. Who knows how close Max and I will get to finishing this. I have a poor track record with seeing ideas out to completion. I guess there’s just too many interesting things to do. You’ll just have to wait and see.

Untitled Norman Follow-Up In the summer of 2015, Nick and myself began work on a follow-up work to our first book. Unlike Norman, it would be more focused in its theme. You see, while on our first book we basically wrote poems about anything and everything that we were experiencing. We had no coherent theme in mind, our only goal being to capture our raw youth. This time around, however, we had higher ambitions. However, that summer was particularly busy with MNX and TSD, which ultimately pushed back our completion of the book, which has been on hiatus since August.