MN Explore


So years back I saw this outstandingly awesome video done for a travel company where a bunch of dudes went around the world and shot this video. It’s about as cool as it gets. Watch it and you’ll be drop out of school, quit your job, or terminate whatever mundane socially-accepted routine you find yourself in, and go explore the world. Now, I’m not quite as bold as you are, so when I came across this video, I had this little idea.

I’m from Minnesota if you don’t know, and it is possibly the best place you could possibly dream to be from. Specifically, the Twin Cities. That’s why I thought to create a video mimicking the STA Travel one (rather poorly if truth be told) except instead of promoting travel all over the world, I’d showcase some of the amazing places we have in the Twin Cities.

Thus, in the summer of 2015 I set out with a bunch of the greatest people I know to shoot my video. What followed was a summer of unparalleled adventures as I forced my closest friends to stand perfectly still for extended periods of time as I carefully photographed them. And bam: the best video scrapbook I could have ever asked for was born. With my brother Max, as well as my friends Nick and Emma at my side, I shot thousands of photos at thirty-something sites around the state to complete Part 1 of my video, centering around spring and summer.

In case you’re wondering, here’s some of the places we made it to:

  • The Mall of America
  • Minehaha Falls
  • Gooseberry Falls
  • The North Shore
  • Downtown Stillwater
  • The Stone Arch Bridge
  • The Guthrie Theatre
  • Target Field
  • Mickey’s Diner
  • The Chain of Lakes
  • Lake Harriet Bandshell
  • Uptown
  • The St Paul Cathedral
  • James J. Hill House
  • Summit Ave
  • Downtown St Paul
  • MN Bike Trails
  • MN Fishing
  • Walker Art Center
  • Minneapolis Sculpture Garden
  • Minnesota Zoo
  • Como Conservatory
  • MN State Forests
  • Boating on MN Lakes
  • Downtown Farmer’s Market
  • Mill City Ruins
  • First Avenue
  • Split Rock Lighthouse
  • MN Farm
  • MN Border

It was a load of fun. However, things were busier at college than I was expecting (silly me) so who knows if Part 2: Fall and Winter will ever get made. The video didn’t get too many views, but that’s okay, I get it if people aren’t into watching a highlights reel of my summer. But still, if you got the time or love the marvelous state of MN, you should do yourself a favor and give it a watch.